Saturday, February 19, 2011

Natural High

A couple years ago my neighbors, that are brilliant in most every way, came up with a plan to plant the city easement strips (the strip of land between the street and the sidewalk) with crocus. So one fall day we all drilled holes and dropped hundreds of bulbs into holes and called it a day. The next February, I remember coming home one day and seeing little peeking blooms around. Sigh.

Each year the show gets a bit better and each year it makes me giddy with the knowledge that spring is truly just around the corner, and the long hibernation if over.


  1. Love it! There was an old, empty house with a lawn blanketed with grape hyacinths every spring. My mom and I would pick them to our hearts' content. Of course, eventually someone bought the property, remodeled (sadly) and our "hobby" came to a stop. They probably thought the flowers in the grass were a pain, but to me, it was magical...

  2. Oh my that is such a dreamy image to me. Sigh.