Monday, February 14, 2011

DIY Shampoo

To be honest, I have read about this for a while. However, I still choose to buy my insanely expensive sulfate free shampoo over the internet instead of trying it. I just could not reconcile the concept. In my mind the baking soda would leave my hair chalky and filmy and the vinegar would leave it stripped and dry.

I am not sure what motivated me to finally try it, perhaps it was bucking up the $12 to ship the shampoo that cost far to much because I can’t find any sulfate free stuff in Richmond. I wish I had been smart enough to try this PRIOR to order the stuff.

My hair is super, SUPER thin. I have a ton of it, but each hair itself is thin. This worked great for my hair. Left it super shiny and soft. I have some friend with different hair types trying it and will post back letting you know how it worked for them.

I found the recipe here.

Give it a try! I would love to hear your feedback!

Can’t beat it, 100% natural, 100% easy, 100% cheap. Love it!

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