Monday, March 18, 2013

Is Men's Skin Different?

Believe it or not, facial hair aside, men and women’s skin is different.  How you ask…
  • Men have thicker skin
  • Men produce more oil
  • Men have larger pores
  • Men are less prone to hyper pigmentation

So what does this mean for HOW men care for their skin?  First, one thing we know is men are far less likely to use sunscreen on their face daily then women.  This makes them more likely to prematurely age.  So men, please  try a daily sunscreen like this one  Badger has.
Since men have thicker skin, they can exfoliate daily unlike women.  This is especially useful for men that get ingrown beard hair.  Starting exfoliating, will greatly reduce or eliminate these in grown hairs.

Since men’s skin produce more oil and they have larger pores they are more prone to black heads.  This is tricky.  It is essential to remove dirt and residue from skin without stripping the skin (which will just induce more oil production).  

Since most men I know are of the simpler is better ilk, I would recommend doing and exfoliating cleanser.   This knocks out two steps with one.  I would do a 50/50 mix of sugar and baking soda.  Baking soda is an ideal cleanser for skin and is PH correct.   After exfoliating follow up with an aftershave balm like one of ours to knock out another two steps at once.  It contains tea tree oil and coconut oil to help sooth post shave and prevent razor burn, and is and excellent moisturizer. 

Pretty simple.  Us ladies might even give you a little slack on weekends J

Made with love,

Sweet Cheeks All Natural

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