Monday, January 17, 2011

Chapped Lips and How to Treat Them Naturally

Tis the season of the cracked dry lips. So we are going to tackle the issue of dry lips and treatment.
First the causes:
Chapped lips are caused because the oil produced by our bodies to protect our skin is absent. It is likely due to the cold dry air, or wind. Moisture on our skin evaporating can also cause it, which is why licking your lips is about the worst thing you can do when they feel dry. Ironically it is our instinct to lick them!
As with most things, it is always better to prevent it if possible. To prevent it, you want to establish a layer between your skin and the elements. Get a high quality natural lip balm. Beeswax, jojoba, coco butter, and vitamin E are all good quality ingredients to look for. Another inexpensive but highly effective way to prevent chapped lips it to use lanoline.

If you get chapped lips, moisturize, moisturize, moisturize. I would actually put your moisturizer (of if you have a butter, even better!) right on your lips. Most people buck at this when I tell them this. It always cracks me up. Do you think your skin ends at your lips? Your lips are skin! If your cheeks got chapped wouldn’t you put moisturizer on them? If you are using a moisturizer that you are afraid to get in your mouth…switch. There is isn’t anything I think you should put on your largest organ that you wouldn’t put in your body. Just this gal opinion! Wait a couple of minutes after putting on the moisturizer and than put lanoline or your lip balm on top. Do this as often as you can and you should notice relief in 36 hours.

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